Alexandra Paxaka


We believe that everyone deserves to express themselves through their unique watches and should not be reserved for the privileged few

How it all began

Are you tired of seeing your fellow proud woman wearing overpriced (but truly iconic) watches walking confidently down your street while you have to settle for the more affordable designs that tend to look the same everywhere,

I know I was…

My income didn’t allow me to come anywhere close to buying my Rolex Watch or the upcoming Breitling advertised around social media, but that didn’t stop me from looking at and reading every designer watch related to them.

(Yes, I’m one of those fashion fanatics who knows your own purse better than you do)

That said, no one was surprised when I decided to go to fashion design school and intern at big brands, one being LVMH.

And that’s how it all started…

An excessive amount (if not TONS) of scraps would either be dumped or burned away.

Can you believe it?

As crazy as it sounds, big brands release very limited stock on the market to create scarcity and hype up prices and order the rest to be thrown away or burned.

Manufacturers don’t know what to do with all these extras. Do you?

As a lifelong dedicated fashion lover and entrepreneur, I couldn’t see all these fabulous scraps going to waste…

So after over 7 years in the industry, from being a doorman at a Gucci Outlet in New York to working in LVMH supply chains, I was able to gather a lot of useful information and networks that allowed us to access excess material that not yet dumped or burned into a dream come true.

(What would they do with them anyway?)

That’s how this website was born

Fast forward to today, we have the largest network of manufacturers that produce exact materials used for all major brands, such as Rolex, Dior, Chanel Omega, etc., and sell exclusive models and also streetwear brands such as Off-White and Supreme, etc. .. .We sell them at a much more reasonable price and don’t HYPE the prices through scarcity (which is what big brands do) with attention to detail and full precision on every interior seam to color comparison and accessories/packaging that would have been included from official store ensuring that every woman could wear them with full confidence.

The end product is an Unauthorized Authentic Article, also known as UA. Which is the best you can get without breaking the bank with these very limited iconic watches.

Est. 2018