Your integrity and your personal information is of the utmost importance to us.

Our payment gateway is 100% safe and secure. We are also SSL certified, which ensures that no intruders can exploit your information.

Facing problems with checking out?

Follow the instructions below:

1. Contact your local bank immediately to release payments for “DanniDion

2. Make sure your account has enough funds and don’t try more than 3 times within 24 hours or you may be blacklisted by our fraud detection system

3. If your shopping cart consists of several items, try to divide them into smaller purchases.

4. Try another bank card and/or device.

Important Notice: You must call your bank to authorize the transaction for security reasons.

This is because we use address verification software to ensure that the billing address you provide matches the address on file for the credit card. If they don’t match, your card will be declined.

Please note that if your card has been declined (“card declined”) this does not mean that our fraud detector has listed you as a fraud, there is a strong possibility that your bank has just rejected the release of the purchase.


Credit/Debit Card Payment – We accept the following payment methods and are all eligible worldwide:

We partner with a well-known SSL-secured credit payment provider, which offers a secure payment environment that ensures all of our customer’s information is carefully protected and never disclosed. So we do not collect any payment information where no personal information will ever be stolen.
What should I do if the payment failed?

Please note that you need to use a credit/debit card or prepaid card with one of the payment logos above. Please try a different card no more than 3 times on each card to avoid being blacklisted.

If such a problem still occurs, do not hesitate to contact one of our support teams immediately.

Notification of payment failure:
“Do not Honor”: Your credit card bank refuses the payment, sometimes this happens when you try to make an international transaction online, call your bank or change another credit card that was used to pay an international online payment previously.
“Not enough funds”: Make sure you have enough funds on the card, sometimes your credit card bank may charge a currency exchange fee.
“Restricted card”: You must call your credit card bank or switch to another credit card to pay.
“Failed”: Failed too many times, try to pay again after 24 hours. Or switch to another credit card.
“Invalid card number”: Check if the card number is correct.
“Transaction not allowed for card”: Please contact your credit card bank, or switch to another credit card used to pay internationally online before.
“Exceeds withdrawal amount limited”: Call your credit card bank.
“Lost card”: Call your credit card bank or switch to another credit card used to pay internationally online before.
“Invalid message”: Check if name, contact information and billing address are correct.
“Expired Card”: Check the credit card’s expiration date