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Beyond the limit, domineering debut” HR factory added a new member – the Omega Speedmaster series 326. multi-function chronograph.
The HR team cooperated with the genuine foundry to produce the original products exclusively on the entire network. It took one year to develop the molds regardless of cost and time, so that all data accessories can be perfectly interchangeable with genuine products. The size of the synchronous counter is 40mm. The original imported Swiss Cal.3330 chronograph movement with a consistent structure has been refined and polished by a professional team to make it more stable and durable, creating a replica of the original single-quality Omega Speedmaster series watch.

[Appearance] Purchased genuine dismantling surveying and mapping, consistently stepped case cover, consistent CNC grinding level, consistent thickness and size, the entire watch accessories including the strap lug screws can be perfectly interchangeable with the genuine product.

[Disk surface] The dial adopts the same grain texture and radial pattern as the original and adopts the same frosted fine-grain literal as the original. The overall density of the particles is consistent with the genuine one, and the same light source reflection as the genuine one can be seen at any angle. Each digital word nail, logo, and independent mold are made of genuine craft materials. After several sets of molds, the three-dimensional beauty is finally consistent with the original.

[Mirror] Double-sided blue-coated curved sapphire glass, double-sided chamfered smooth edge, and the thickness arc reach the strict 0.03 tolerance standard. Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, crystal clear.

[Waterproof] The lock-type crown has been repeatedly tested and tested to be consistent with the genuine waterproof depth of 100 meters.

[Bracelet] The rubber strap has followed strict standards from the beginning of the blank. Every detail has been repeatedly polished to be top-quality, soft and delicate to fit the wrist, and comfortable to wear. Every inch of stitching and every detail, including the number, is the same as the genuine one. Consistent.

[Clasp] The wire drawing pattern of the buckle is delicate and neat, and the wire drawing depth is exactly the same as that of the genuine product. The clasp is deeply restored, which solves the embarrassing problem of not being fastened and loose after a period of use, so that the clasp is still tightly seamed after being used for a long time, and even the crisp sound of the clasp is deeply restored.

[Movement] The Cal.3330 basic chronograph movement that is consistent with the genuine product is used as the basis, and the genuine Cal.3330 movement is developed and polished by a professional team, which improves the stability of the movement and relieves the chronograph movement for a long time. The embarrassing phenomenon of empty style.

[Quality Control] The HRF team has strict and rigorous quality control. The quality control of each movement starts from the source. Each watch is debugged to the best condition by HRF watchmakers before leaving the factory and leaving for 24 hours to ensure perfect condition. , has just left the factory.
HRF always adheres to the original intention and pursues perfection! It will continue to create replicas of the original single-quality watches for watch friends from all walks of life.




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